Our Partners


Elevate UX

ElevateUX aims to improve user experience in the cryptocurrency space. By providing a range of services, we aim to help teams by providing feedback and offering guidance to create user-friendly products and services.

The Daily Chain

The Daily Chain is an educational hub for all levels of trader and investors.

We provide unique and informative content across all facets of the industry whether it be technical analysis, reviews, interviews, podcasts, opinion pieces, news and more. Our platform is a active place for all things cryptocurrency.

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Crypto Freak Network

Crypto Freak Network is a network of passionate people who share crypto-related ideas and information, education and provide multiple spaces to discuss Crypto. We want to establish and develop a network of likeminded and enthusiastic traders and investors that will leverage the once in a lifetime opportunity that Crypto gives us – away from false news, manipulation and pumps and dumps.